Concussion Baseline Clinic

Ellis Medicine

UpdatedWednesday August 22, 2018 byBrandon Waylett.

Spartan Youth Football believes in taking every step necessary to keep our young football players safe.  That's why SYF would like to make all of our families and community members aware of Ellis Medicine's Concussion Management Clinic in Clifton Park.  CLICK HERE to visit their website and learn more.

Ellis Physical Therapy uses state-of-the-art equipment and is located at 939 Route 146, Building 500, Clifton Park, NY.  The pre-screening is recommended for all athletes and is necessary to compare with post-injury data in order to make an objective return-to-play decision.  The screening requires a referral from your primary physician and costs $50.  Some insurances may cover that cost.

We encourage you to learn more about Ellis Physical Therapy and their services by visiting their website.  It says the pre-screening is for high school and college athletes but Ellis Physical Therapy is willing to screen youth athletes - they just have to modify the assessment a little.

Stay safe and have a great football season!