Rules of Play

UpdatedMonday June 1, 2015 byJon Lepel.

Rules of Play

Capital District Youth Football

The goal of the Capital District Youth Football League is to accommodate every child in our community that is interested in playing football. We want everyone to have the opportunity to play football, regardless of size or experience. Our league is geared towards teaching the fundamentals of football, while ensuring that each child has a great experience. Every member of this league understands that player development is never compromised by competition.

Game Conditions/Practice Participation
1. Days 1 and 2 will be helmets only.
2. Days 3 and 4 will be Shoulder pads and helmets.
3. Day 5 is the first allowed full contact practice.
Game Rules

Games will consist of two 30 minute halves. Each half will be a 20 minutes running clock with the clock stopping only for injuries and timeouts. The final 10 minutes of each half will have the clock stopped for incomplete passes, penalties and out of bounds, along with injuries and timeouts.


1. Offensive formations are limited to standard formations.

a. A maximum line splits of 1 yard
b. No more than two players outside the tackle box at the snap of the ball
If a wide receiver is employed, the maximum split from the tackle can be no more than 10 yards
c. Motion is allowed. If going toward the 2 receiver side, the ball must be snapped before the player in motion reaches the midline (directly behind the center). Must be a legal formation at the snap of the ball. You must start and end in a legal formation.
d. Tight ends can only receive the football through a pass (no handoffs or reverses).

2. Defensive formations are limited to a standard 6-2-3 formation.

a. 6 linemen must be in an imaginary straight line within two yards of the ball. The interior 4 linemen must lineup, head-up on the guards and tackles.
b. Two linebackers must be at least 3 yards off of the ball
c. Three defensive backs must be lined up at least 4 yards off of the line of scrimmage and if a wide receiver is employed, they must be no more than 1 yard inside leverage on the receiver. Defensive backs can come up to linebacker depth inside the ten yard line
d. A walkaway end may be employed to a split end side. They may be no more than linebacker depth and must be no wider than ½ the distance between the tackle and split end.
*Penalties for any improper formation either offensively or defensively shall result in a 5 yard penalty*


1. No Kickoffs-start play from own 35 yard line.
2. Punts
a. Punts are dead (even if the punter drops the ball or takes a knee accidentally, he still is allowed to get the punt off)
b. A ball that is caught will be spotted 5 yards ahead of the spot of the catch.
c. If a ball is dropped, it will be spotted 5 yards behind the point of contact.
d. If a ball is fielded off the ground it will be spotted at that point.
e. Normal use of a legal offensive formation is required.
f. You may only drop back three or less returners on defense
3. Two points shall be awarded for a kicked extra point and 1 point shall be awarded for a run or pass. Any PAT will start from the 3 yard line.
4. Safety: 2 points awarded to the scoring team and the ball placed on the 50 yard line
5. All downfield blocking must be done in front and above the waist: penalty is 15 yards
6. 1 Coach shall be permitted on the field for a set number of games depending on level. Offensive coach must remain at the huddle point and defensive coach must be 20 yards from the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball. Any coach who can’t abide by these rules will forfeit their right to be on the field for the remainder of that game.
a. 3/4 grade level coaches can be on the field through game 4
b. 5/6 grade level coaches can be on the field through game 2
c. 7th grade can be on the field through game 2
*Any team winning by 3 or more scores is not allowed to give the ball to a starting runner/primary scorer*
Weight limits for league
1. Each program will have a mandatory weigh-in day. A spread sheet with players name, number and weight will be recorded and either posted on a league website and/or exchanged at game time.

2. Weights for Junior Division 3rd/4th Grade are as follows
Maximum weight for QB, RB, WR – 95 lbs
Maximum weight for TE- 100 lbs
Maximum Weight for DE and LB - 115
3. Weights for Senior Division 5th/6th grade are as follows
Maximum weight for QB, RB, WR – 120 lbs
Maximum weight for TE- 130
Maximum Weight for DE and LB - 140