We Need YOU!

UpdatedThursday December 13, 2018 byBrandon Waylett.

Spartan Families,
Our orgainzation is made up of 100% volunteers!  The only way our kids will have a thriving football program each year is if members of our community step up and help out!  The more people step up to help, the easier the lift becomes!  There is a job that fits everyone's schedule!  
These positions are required to attend monthly league meetings during the season:
 - Concessions coordinator
 - Apparel and merchendise coordinator
 - Coaching coordinator
 - Fields coordinator
 - E-board position - President
We just need these positions filled each week during the season:
 - Field set up and break down - an hour per weekend 
 - Lining and maintaining fields - two hours per week each week
 - A crew to run the down markers - for the game
 - Concessions help at every home game - 1/2 hour slots!
Please email info4youthfootball.bhbl@gmail.com for more information about helping out!  But during the season, you will sign up to help using www.signup.com - it's really easy.
Our community has really stepped up for our football program over the last couple of years and the program has a lot to show for it!  From fundrasing to volunteers - we appreciate all the support and so do the kids.  Thanks to all of our veteran Spartan family helpers and those new ones who are coming in!