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2019 Fall Football

Registration closes in 6 days

Sign up for the 2019 Football season. Programs to include Flag League Play(Grades 1 and 2), 3rd and 4th Grade Junior Tackle Program and a 5th and 6th Grade Senior Tackle Program. Those entering those grades in the 2019-2020 school year are welcome to register.

2019 Spartan Youth Cheer

Program will provide the foundation for cheerleading. The purpose of the program is to encourage the highest sportsmanship while providing a cheer squad for the Spartan Youth Football Program. We aim to provide a fun learning environment that gives all participants the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be successful. With enough interest and participation, including volunteers, it is possible to have a squad for flag football and for tackle. Participants will cheer at all home games for the youth football program.